Tamea is comfortable, elegant, down-to-earth and flatters all body shapes. We use natural fibres and all of our products are made in Australia.

The beginning

In 1981, I started working in the clothing industry as a production sewing machinist in New Zealand. I worked my way though many roles in garment production, culminating as a production manager. During this time, I worked for many fashion labels including Anne Mardell, Jiva Jago, Hullabaloo, Jag and Leod Hais. In 1988, I moved to Australia where I started a bespoke bridal and formal wear business.

Then the kids came along… Life got busy, and in between work, running errands, socialising and raising kids, my weight kept fluctuating. I needed clothes that were comfortable enough to deal with messy kids and a changing body, but elegant enough for an evening out. There wasn’t any clothing that was both comfortable and elegant, so I decided to make my own.

In 2000, I designed a pant with a skirt layer attached at the waistband. These “Skants” had stretch and the silhouette and trim elongated the legs — comfortable and elegant. Friends and strangers complemented me every time I wore them. They wanted to know where they could buy a pair. I was in business. I started selling them at Paddington Markets in Sydney and they were a hit! I knew in that moment that Tamea Clothing was being born.


Tamea has since grown into a cohesive collection made in Australia from sustainable fabrics. We’ve come a long way since Skants but the core of the brand is still the same — comfortable and elegant.